not enough energy to watch a movie for extra credit
and i bet the movie isnt so bad
sigh gigi you better haul butt on your final man

some people need to get back here already

i need to know that you’re not like hours away

only a few minutes from my house so i can holla whenever i want

procrastinating or whining about this stuff isn’t going to change the fact of the matter but still 

come home already man



my essay isn’t done but i sure am

currently me

i can’t wait til this semester is over so i can bake sweet things for people, probably face my fears of driving on the highway, having to change lanes or cross lanes & dedicate more time to working out

maybe finding a job somewhere besides my mentoring program

AND SEE PEOPLE I MISS TERRIBLY (that’s always nice) 

just two more weeks exactly, i can do this. i can do this. 



tomorrow will have its own worries

lpacoustic hey hey hey




112/365 - selca central…that was sunday but idk what to put here. 

i kind of had a good day today. i exempt myself out of two semesters of spanish. i got the childish album :-) i got starbucks & treated myself to walking around target. i also studied prior to my test so i don’t have that to do tonight. except extra credits are calling my name & telling me to finish them soon or else i will be awake til the break of dawn. 

that would not be good. please enjoy my stupid faces :-) 

gigi is quite lovable


i know the sweetest sophomores ever. their names are bolla and salma

and cate and aima too
oh and erick three

One day, a long time from now you’ll cease to care anymore whom you please or what anybody has to say about you.